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of lehman brothers, the fourth-largest investment bank in the world. >> isn't the government supposed to protect the investors? >> yes. >> aren't they charged with informing investors? >> yes. >> why didn't they do it? >> welcome to 60 minutes on cnbc. i'm bob simon. even though fraud played a significant role in the 2008 meltdown of the american economy, as of late 2012, there have been several civil suits filed against major wall street financial firms, but not a single criminal prosecution. in this edition, we look back at the 2008 financial crisis and the failure of government regulators to prosecute those who might be criminally responsible. later, lehman brothers bankruptcy investigator anton valukas shares his findings on the collapse of the giant investment bank where no senior official has ever faced charges in the biggest bankruptcy in u.s. history. but first we begin with a nine-month 60 minutes investigation looking for wall street cases that might have prosecutorial merit. in december 2011, steve kroft reported on two such cases. we begin with a woman named eileen foster,
on this planet. and that's a fact. >> no one's saying that people can't gamble. this is about government using gambling to prey on human weakness for profit. >> les bernal is head of the national organization stop predatory gambling. he and massachusetts state senator sue tucker have been fighting a move to bring casinos and slot parlors to the bay state. >> we're in the worst economic crisis since the great depression, and the daily voice of government to most americans is, "we're gonna push casinos, and we're gonna push lottery tickets." >> well, but you have a situation where states are desperate. they're way over budget. they have to find revenue somewhere. they know people will gamble. >> as a revenue raiser, it defies every principle. it's regressive. in other words, it takes far more money out of lower-income people's pockets than higher-income. it is cannibalistic. in other words, it eats other forms of revenue. when you have your citizens dumping $2 billion down the slots, they're not buying a new car, and you lose that tax. >> you brought these casinos to this state. do you ever just
campaign against her to law enforcement. >> he and his team went to see various agencies of government and law-enforcement agencies. >> about you? >> that's what i am told -- that that's exactly what they did. >> a spokesman for perkins confirmed that, indeed, he did go to the s.e.c., the f.t.c., the justice department, and the california attorney general to complain about the tactics used in the leak investigation. >> if you have enough money and you're willing to spend enough, you can buy and sell somebody's reputation. >> and you're charging that's what he's done? >> that's is what he did. >> you're saying, if i understand you, that tom perkins set out to get you? >> he wanted me off the board. this was to get me off the board. i don't know if he ever thought through the consequences that would go beyond my getting off the board. >> well, you said he went to law enforcement. >> well -- >> that takes it another step. >> it does take it another step, and here i am today with an indictment over my head. >> are you saying he's responsible for that? >> well, i don't think i'd be sitting
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)